Time for a little reviewski…

We do a lot of things in life. I’m here to review a whole bunch of them.


We do a lot of things in life. Tons. Some good, some bad, and some that leave you non-plussed (and that can apply to both senses of the word, be it bemused or just not bovvered, innit?). But how often do we really get down to the nitty gritty of our experiences and document them in word format for the whole world to read? (Or at least provide the world with an option to read all about it – I wouldn’t want to be pushy with my drivel.) I’ve been wanting to start writing reviews for a while, with my own spin adeptly on them (she says). I don’t want to just write TripAdvisor comments or Amazon star ratings, I want to translate feelings, stories, sentiment and internal arguments about the things I feel strongly about (which could truly be anything, so be warned).

Fear not! I won’t be reviewing all the things I get up to. Heck, I may not even publish my thoughts some of the more special experiences I encounter and just reserve those for thrilling and enticing conversation. I’m here to dabble in the art of reviewing all manner of things: films, music, restaurants, alcohol or other more classic subjects prone to a good slating or applause. But I aim also to document life’s simplicities, like maybe a really,¬†really fine mug of PG Tips (a good cup of tea can be the saviour of many a crisis, or the humble reward after a few hours’ hard graft – it all boils down to context and quality of the brew), or the satisfying way that the rain cascades down the window panes to create endless watery ravines and channels in that fascinatingly drippy way that we all notice once in a while when lost in a grey-rainy-day-daze. That may sound dull and pointless, but I swear to you that should the day arise when said review is written, I will make it pleasing and humorous and oh-so charming for you, lovely readers. (I hope.)

Oh, and there will definitely be game reviews. With. Out. A. Doubt.

So basically, whenever the mood takes me or something, for some reason or other, has struck a chord of review-writing inspiration, here I will be, voicing my opinion and rating a recent experience. I hope to do so in a mildly entertaining fashion at the very least. If I’m performing below par, please accept my profuse apologies in advance. The internet should be full of eloquence and intelligence at least as much as funny videos of goats leaping with glee! Though I’m not sure that even as a global collective we can outdo Trump’s prolific ineloquence and unintelligence…

But I digress. Wherever I see fit and have the unstoppable urge to let the world know just how surprisingly good Aldi’s own brand houmous is or what a car crash of a film the latest Pirate’s of the Caribbean was (NB: I’ve not actually seen it, and doubt I ever will, but I think it’s a fair assumption based on the third one, At World’s End, which was a poor follow up considering its two predecessors), I’ll be there with¬†a little reviewski…

One final note: I intend on devising my own rating system for the various topics of discussion that will arise in this blog. It could quite possibly be alcohol related. For example: that boiled egg gets a four out of five pints from me! Or perhaps Ed Sheeran’s single ‘House on the Hill’ gets an irritating dregs-of-an-old-bottle-of-sour-white-wine-that-really-needs-chucking-out rating. It’s a work in progress, but bear with me on this.

So, here’s to a future more judgementally dissected and scrutinised by yours truly. I hope you enjoy my ramblings – cheers!


Author: Becs

Foodie with a gastric problem. And I make amazing cakes.

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