Further to ‘On Today’ (i.e. yesterday…)

The damage revealed…


Yesterday was a bad day. Think I established that pretty well on my previous blog post. Today is blessedly kinder, though the lingering grains of weariness live on in the back of my eyeballs. Still, I can function a lot better and am able to actually enjoy things today (it helps a whole heap that I’m home too – midweek day off = WIN!).

But anyway, we all remember yesterday and the crappy weather and the foul mood and, of course, the cake fail. I’d just like to show you exactly what happened to my poor Teensie after its journey into town. Behold: 20049389_10210406771946652_42349165_o

Yep. Head’s fallen clean off. Well, messily off. I had expected as much though – the weight of his oversized icing-coated rice cereal & marshmallow nose needed far more support than a few cocktail sticks and edible glue. But at the time I was thinking on my feet and didn’t have much else to hand to work with. At least it wasn’t a paid order! I think that’s the only reason that it didn’t make me even more stressed.

So, once my husband and I were at the event later on, I thought I’d modify things a little. I made another flat cake that was originally meant to be the base for the Teensie to stand on – little did I know that he’d be far from teensie, so they were brought as two separate cake elements based on the same game. It was all kind of good ultimately as my solution made use of the base cake: I stuck his head band smack in the middle:

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Those big innocent eyes still gaze on smilingly. Creepy or cute? And there stands the ripped open corpse, moist cakey innards exposed, as though a fiendish saboteur with victory firmly in their thoughts set out to obliterate any rival cakes. As it happens, I came second! Not sure who won as I left with my husband (I still felt tired and awful) before the judges announced their verdicts – a friend who also attended the occasion kindly kept me informed of the proceedings.

So, despite the shitty day, it wasn’t all bad. I was still kind of pleased with the cakes I’d made, disaster being inevitable though it was. The likeness of a Teensie was still there, it just ended up looking more like a sacrificial offering to the judges instead of a cute Teensie Wizard on display. Some you win, some you lose, and some you come second, which was enough of a win for me.

So for that reason, I think the cake at least gets an upgrade in ratings. I’m awarding my own cake a booze level of: Happy Mistake Cocktail By Mixing A Surprisingly Good Blend Of Liqueurs After Spilling Most Of The First One (Which Was An Actual Cocktail But You’ve Run Out Of Those Ingredients). Cheers!